chic how to decorate living room

How to decorate living room? To decorate a living room must consider the size, type of use you want to give or who will use most often. Similarly, decorating our living room will be conditioned by the budget that we have and how long you want to keep the same decoration. Living areas are areas [...]

Design Living Room Minimalist

Uncrowded design living room minimalist look that is discreet, quiet and free of clutter. These are some of the features that fight. Go with a sofa and armchairs that are plain – a style of transition or a simple rectangular Chippendale (curved back with your legs straight). Saute Toss pillows or using only a pair of unadorned [...]

The Living Room Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Have a small room in a house not mean we cannot convert this room into a functional and elegant space that invites you to relax and want to spend time together with family and friends. With simple tricks and making small changes in the decoration and furniture, we have the opportunity to optimize space to [...]

Modest Best Living Room Decorating Ideas

Best living room decorating ideas – The living room is a room of the home always seen with much care and attention, because let’s face it is as heart of the house! Some people love the warmth of the sofa to read a good book, and still have one to make it your workspace too. [...]

luxury attic living room ideas

One of the best ways to attic living room ideas this environment is to do it in black and white. It is a kind of modern decor that will let you have the white tone, which provides space and light, but also the black, allowing remove some eye strain that produces white.  If you have [...]

Wonderful Zebra Print Room for Girls

The teen-themed rooms have zebra accessories attractive zebra print room for girls. The fabric with this pattern can be found in black and white or black and many other colors, like purple, magenta and many fluorescent. The pillowcases can be sewn using two squares with zebra print measuring 2.5 cm on all sides, a sewing [...]

Bedroom Interior Zebra Deep Pink Theme

Girls bedroom ideas zebra – The zebra stripes are printed with which to decorate popular, especially among teenage girls. With a little imagination, you can make a variety of crafts using zebra stripes pink and black. These crafts can be used to decorate a room, organize a portfolio or used as jewelry. The crafts zebra [...]

beautiful small home furniture design

If a house is small is no excuse not to decorate. With these simple ideas small home furniture design, environments and even stay refreshed look more spacious. Decorating a home small, for over having little space, is not impossible. One must keep in mind some tips for optimizing the corners and combine all the elements [...]

Victorian Furniture

Victorian furniture design style is so called because it reached its peak of popularity during the reign of Queen Victoria on the British Empire. The exterior architecture during this period appears Scrolls characterized by elaborate gingerbread eaves and complemented by richly decorated interiors. Victorian furniture makes this theme and includes several features to look for. Victorian furniture worshiped [...]

Spanish Style Decorating Ideas

Spanish style decorating ideas has its roots in the villas and cottages in the Mediterranean. As Spain extended its empire in the New World, brought your decorating style with him. But the Spanish design was also affected by the cultures of the peoples he conquered, and today is a mixture of Aztec, Mexican and traditional [...]